The father heart of God
Workshop by: Henry Schmidt
Saturday 23rd February 10:00am - 5:00pm
The Father heart of God

Our modern world prides itself on its technological advances, but its ‘success’ lies strewn with victims: broken lives, hopeless and helpless in ‘brokenness’: broken dreams, hearts, minds, identities, promises, visions, relationships, families… broken people in a broken world. Read more

A journey into the heart
Workshop by: Sue Robinson
Saturday 13th July, 10:00am - 4:00pm
A journey into the heart

It is a sacred journey of intimacy to hear God's message of love to you. This is your destiny – walking in intimacy and tenderness with Jesus. Read more ...

Workshop by: Karl Benson
Discerning God's voice

God is present and active in your life. He is gently leading and inviting you into a life of fulfilment, meaning and purpose — your own particular way of being in the world.

As Christians, we want to follow the leading of God's Spirit, but we don't always recognise it. Read more ...

Praying with Scripture
Workshop by: Karl Benson
Presented 2018
Praying with Scripture

In this workshop, we will read the Bible in a way that engages with us—through our faith—to change and to transform us. We are not reading it to gain intellectual knowledge. We pray with it to transform us, to encounter God, the Word in the words, and allow him to speak to us personally from the text. Read more ...