Praying with Scripture
Praying with Scripture
Workshop by Karl Benson

Our normal (western) approach to the Bible is to acquire knowledge; but why is that? I think most people would say it's because they want the truth, the correct answers to their questions about their faith. They don't want to believe the wrong things. But can we learn faith? Can we reduce faith to an academic pursuit? Gaining knowledge to distil into the 'right' doctrinal statements. Statements we agree on intellectually?

I don't think we can. If we reduce faith to an intellectual agreement with the 'correct' doctrinal statements, to believing the 'right' things, then faith becomes objectified. It is separate from us, an object we study. It is not part of me and who I am, I don't have faith, I study it.

I think faith is more than this. It's personal to you, part of who you are. A reality you experience, live by, and put into practice rather than a subject you study. Faith engages with your life, personal desires, experiences, wants, needs, and crises. It's transformative, it grows you as a person. It increases your capacity to love, to forgive and to have compassion.

In this workshop, we will read the Bible in a way that engages with us—through our faith—to change and to transform us. We are not reading it to gain intellectual knowledge. We pray with it to transform us, to encounter God, the Word in the words, and allow him to speak to us personally from the text.

In the workshop you learn and practice:


'Praying with Scripture' is a refreshing, enjoyable and spiritually uplifting course that I would recommend to any church. The course is accessible to anyone who can listen to a story and use their imagination. It isn’t heavy in any way, there’s no facts to assimilate, no sermons and no pressure.

On an individual level it has encouraged me to think about both Bible reading and prayer in a different way, taking the time to really get to the heart of a passage and what God was doing then, and through that to focus on what God is saying today. As a church, it was great to share our different thoughts and build each other up in a way that often isn't possible in a busy Sunday service. A really positive and affirming morning, and one to recommend.


I attended a 'Praying with Scripture' conference where I was taught a method of praying with a Bible story that totally immersed me in the scene. As I used this method, the passage became very personal to me, helping me understand God's personal message to me through the passage.

I found it inspirational and now have the tools I need to receive more understanding from other Bible passages. I would encourage everyone to discover 'Praying with Scripture' to help them on their spiritual journey.