Father heart of God
The Father heart of God
Conference by Henry Schmidt

Our modern world prides itself on its technological advances, but its ‘success’ lies strewn with victims: broken lives, hopeless and helpless in ‘brokenness’: broken dreams, hearts, minds, identities, promises, visions, relationships, families… broken people in a broken world.

Many are lost, stuck in a victim mentality, wounded, without hope and strength to rise up again. Others are not even aware of their brokenness, but merely stumble through life from day to day, distracted and desensitized to the call on their lives.

But there is Good News! Jesus did not come to just save you from sin, keep you from hell and take you to heaven one day. There is MORE! He came to reveal Our Father God and make this effective in our lives! The Son of God became man to reveal: We are children of God and we have a Father who loves us!

The world does not know this; but sadly, too often even His Church fails to receive this truth or grasp its priority and we stumble from brokenness to brokenness while we're called to walk from strength to strength.

Experiencing the Father’s Heart is integral and essential for sons and daughters to be victims no longer, but overcomers; not wounded warriors, but whole in body, soul and spirit... healed healers! Come join us in discovering ‘Identity in the Father’s Heart Releases into Destiny!’

Henry Schmidt

Pastor Henry Schmidt

This conference is presented by Pastor Henry Schmidt. Henry spent his first 26 years of life seeking: 'ever learning but never able to come to knowledge of the truth.' But God brought him to the end of himself and he 'gave up the pursuit of knowledge and found the love of our Lord Jesus Christ.'

Henry has been pastoring for 30 years as well as teaching in Bible schools and training centres as well as traveling extensively on short-term missions all over the world. He is a prophetic teacher with a passion to help disciples answer the call of the kingdom of God on their lives, securing them in their identity and releasing them into their destiny in Christ.

His heart is to help bring many sons/daughters from glory to glory into their full inheritance. He and his family live in Abbotsford, BC and share the same passion for Jesus and missions.

Where & When?

The Father Heart of God will be held at The Lifeworks Hub (see Contact page for location).


Saturday 23rd February, 10:00am - 5:00pm.