What is a retreat in daily life?

You make a retreat in daily life at home allowing you to continue your commitments. However, you will need to set aside around an hour a day for prayer and reflection.

Each week of your retreat we give you material to pray with. At the end of the week you will meet with Karl for Spiritual Direction. This is a safe non-judgemental meeting where Karl will listen to you deeply to help you explore your path toward personal wholeness and deeper intimacy with God.

We currently offer the full Spiritual Exercise, adapted Spiritual Exercises, and shorter retreats.

The Spiritual Exercises

The purpose of the Spiritual Exercises is to help you deepen your intimacy with God and release you be your most authentic self. We use them to help you discover your lifework.

The Spiritual Exercises have five phases, each with a distinct theme that builds on the last. To pray through all five themes will take approximately a year.

We give more information on the Spiritual Exercises here.

Adapted Spiritual Exercises

If you feel drawn to the Spiritual Exercises, but do not feel ready—or able—to do the full Spiritual Exercises, I can adapt them and offer a shorter version that will take eight weeks to pray through.

These adapted exercises will help you deepen your intimacy with God, but due to their length, they cannot take you as deep as the full Spiritual Exercises.

Short Retreats

Just like the Spiritual Exercises, a short retreat will help you deepen your intimacy with God, and take 4-6 weeks to complete.


During a six-week retreat in daily life I did with Karl, my eyes and heart have been opened to a new depth of understanding of God's love, His nearness and his dearness. It was an amazing time. The depth of my understanding has grown more in those six weeks than in the past five years, and I will continue to seek Spiritual Direction as I seek more of God's love in my life. It is a beautiful journey. Thank you Karl.


Spiritual Direction could sound a little foreboding, but it’s actually all about getting a little help to hear from God about what he is trying to say to you personally.

For example, I sometimes found it difficult to see how the daily exercises I worked through at home could possibly lead to anything tangible. But during Spiritual Direction, Karl would ask questions that help me notice where God was at work. It was amazing. I suddenly saw the connections and it was impossible not to understand what God was showing me! Each time I experienced the deep feeling of God’s love for me as well as clear 'direction'.


Amazing and life changing! This is something everyone should do.