Spirituality Direction

Article by: Karl Benson
What is Spiritual Direction?

Spiritual Direction is a safe non-judgemental space to be listened to—and heard—while you explore your path toward personal wholeness and deeper intimacy with God.

It is a sacred conversation that asks "where is God present and active in my life?"

What happens in Spiritual Direction?

Despite the name, Spiritual Direction is none directive. My role is not to tell you what 'spiritual direction' your life should take. Rather, I support and accompany you on your journey to help you discern the path God is inviting you to travel.

I will start our time together by say something like "What would you like to talk about today?" or "Where would you like to begin?"

As you share your journey, I listen deeply and intently to notice and discern the movements of God in what you say. I draw your attention to these movements and give you the freedom to explore and reflect on them further to see where they may lead.

Along the way we may explore your deepest desires, passions, and the longings that stir you. All of these arise from your deepest and truest self—your union with God—and are signposts that point the way.

As we explore your journey in this way, you will begin to recognise how God is present and active in your life, and how he is gently leading and inviting you into your own particular way of being in the world.

How will Spiritual Direction help me?

Spiritual Direction will help you nurture, deepen, and explore your relationship with—and awareness of—God.

It is a regular spiritual practice—like prayer—that helps you grow spiritually.

There may also be a specific reasons you want Spiritual Direction; for example:

Meeting for Spiritual Direction
Our meetings

Our meetings are confidential. I hold your beliefs, faith, tradition, values, culture, and lifestyle choices with reverence.

Where and when

We meet for an hour at The Lifeworks Hub.

For ongoing Spiritual Direction, we usually meet monthly.

If we are going through a program such as the Spiritual Exercise, short retreats in daily life, or periods of guided prayer, then our meetings may be as frequent as every one or two weeks.


Throughout my Christian journey, my heart's desire has been to seek God in a deep and intimate way. To hear His voice, to see with His eyes and to discern His path for my life.

I have found a deeper love and intimacy with God through Spiritual Direction with Karl. I hear His voice more clearly as He shows me the depths of His great love. I 'see' with more clarity and revelation of God's great love and His pathway for my life.