Article by: Karl Benson
Our Story

In 2013 I became the Senior Pastor of two Derbyshire congregations, the first in Matlock and the second in Wirksworth. One year later I brought them together as one congregation and founded The Lifeworks Hub, with the purpose of helping people find and live their life's work. I explained this at the time in the video below.

Video length: 3 minutes 14 seconds.

I released people into their life's work through teaching on Sunday mornings and midweek. On Sunday mornings I taught the theology and theory of the course. Midweek I taught the practical elements to small groups. People were then encouraged to live their lifework both within, and outside the Church. However, the plan was always to have a dedicated Spirituality Centre.

To put this plan into action, in May 2015 I asked one of the Church Elders—Andy Robey—to join me full time as the Assistant Pastor of the Church. Once Andy had completed his ministerial training in September 2017, he took on the Church arm of The Lifeworks Hub, freeing me to found the Spirituality Centre arm.

The Spirituality Centre is now up and running and releases people into their lifework through a thirty-five-week course: The Spiritual Exercises. The Spirituality Centre also offers Spiritual Direction, retreats in daily life, workshops, and teaching.

Andy and I now lead The Lifeworks Hub together. Andy pastors the Church and I pastor the Spirituality Centre.